Covid 19

Get back to work safely with Oleonix Disinfectant Cleaner

Cut your cleaning time and costs in half!

Getting back to work is now a priority for the UK economy but it must be done in a controlled and safe manner.

We believe we can help you achieve that using just one product – Oleonix Disinfectant Cleaner.

Cleaning and Disinfecting the Workplace

There are several areas that could have been contaminated with COVID-19 or could become contaminated:

  •  Surfaces – floors, walls, work surfaces and counters
  • Equipment and hardware – machinery, vehicles, control panels, switches, handles, etc
  • Restrooms – sinks, toilets and taps
  • Offices – furniture, computers, desks, etc

Disinfecting surfaces does not clean them – it may kill the bacteria/virus but it leaves the dirt behind which will attract the bacteria/virus back very quickly. Cleaning the surfaces properly is more important than disinfecting them.

Dirt adheres to surfaces and remains bonded through surface tension making it hard for conventional cleaners to remove it.

Utilising ‘Micriolysis’ (a word we had to invent as we are the only manufacturer in the world that makes cleaning chemicals the way we do) the active agents in the Oleonix range safely breaks this tension, penetrating through the dirt, eliminating the bond and releasing all the dirt from the surface ready for rinsing or wiping away.

Since ‘Micriolysis’ removes all the dirt leaving a super clean surface it remains cleaner for longer as dirt attaches less readily to properly clean surfaces.

Oleonix super concentrate sizes

Oleonix Disinfectant Cleaner can be used to clean all the above areas. The Disinfectant Cleaner is based on our proven Full Spectrum Cleaner with disinfectant added. So, you get thepower of our Full Spectrum Cleaner with added disinfectant which cleans and disinfects at the same time.

Oleonix Disinfectant Cleaner has been used in the food producing sector for over 10 years for this very reason as it cleans and disinfects at the same time saving time and chemical costs.