Oleonix works differently To cut your cleaning time and costs in half.

One powerful formulation proven to simply and safely clean virtually every surface saving substantial time and money.

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Cleaning Innovation in the UK.

Working across all industry sectors, the Oleonix range of innovative cleaning products cleans to the standard demanded but rarely delivered. Manufactured in the UK and distributed nationwide, Oleonix has the solution to your cleaning needs.
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Achieve Super Clean Surfaces Using Micriolysis

Cleaning Agents
Conventional cleaning removes large particles

Normal cleaners remove large particles.

Embedded dirt remains

Embedded dirt remains in the surface valleys.

Oleonix penetrates through dirt

Oleonix penetrates through the dirt.

Embedded dirt is removed

All embedded dirt is removed.

The power of “Micriolysis” in action

Dirt adheres to surfaces and remains bonded through surface tension making it hard for conventional cleaners to remove it.

Utilising “Micriolysis”, the active agents in the Oleonix range safely breaks this tension, penetrating through the dirt, eliminating the bond and releasing all the dirt from the surface ready for rinsing or wiping away. Since “Micriolysis” removes more dirt, a super clean surface is achieved which remains cleaner for longer as dirt clings less readily to clean surfaces. Get in touch with our friendly and professional team for effective cleaning solutions.

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the range of oleonix products

Cleaned Surfaces Stay Cleaner For Longer With Oleonix Full Spectrum Cleaner

The family of Oleonix powerful cleaning formulations are designed to clean the full spectrum of dirt from virtually any surface.

The primary formulation, Oleonix Full Spectrum Cleaner is highly effective for the toughest of challenges. Application specific variations complete customer requirements.

  • Oleonix Disinfectant Cleaner for cleaning, kills 99.9% of all KNOWN bacteria and viruses.
  • Products are available in Super Concentrate for dilution on site.


Why Choose Oleonix

Increases productivity

Saves water

Saves time

Environmentally Sustainable




Environmentally sustainable


Animal safe


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