Covid 19 Virus Particle

With evidence suggesting that COVID-19 particles remain on surfaces for hours or even days, effective cleaning plays a vital role in limiting the transmission of the virus. As a result, businesses are now treating the cleaning of their workplaces as business-critical. While regular cleaning has been scientifically proven to reduce the spread of COVID-19, selecting the best cleaning products to control the virus remains challenging for businesses looking to get back to work safely.

The Myth Around Cleaning and Covid-19

Despite claims from some chemical manufacturers, there is currently no product available on the market that is safe for human use and capable of killing COVID-19. If a cleaning product was able to kill COVID-19, this would be promoted by the government as a measure of stopping the pandemic in its tracks.

Commercial cleaning manufacturers are guilty of misleading customers with claims that their products can kill the virus, but in reality, their products will only kill the first 18 strains, not the 19th strain that has spread across the world. As a result of this, workplaces are generally high-risk areas and the best way to protect employees is through regular effective cleaning.

At Oleonix, we are helping businesses from an array of industries return to work safely using our superior cleaning products and rich industry knowledge of commercial cleaning. Our unique cleaning solutions provide peace of mind to employees by targeting the dirt that virus particles stick to, creating clean surfaces that are COVID-19 free.

Hand Sanitisers Don’t Kill the Virus

Widespread confusion lies in the belief that hand sanitisers are capable of killing the virus. While hand sanitisers do kill common viruses and the flu, they only push COVID-19 further into our skin, making it more challenging to dispel from our bodies. The most effective means of completely dislodging the virus cells from our hands is through the use of soap and water. Businesses must communicate this to their employees and encourage them to wash their hands with soap for at least 20 seconds several times a day. Doing so will reduce the likelihood of surface contamination and reduce the risk of staff contracting the virus.

Hand sanitisers still prove to be advantageous for businesses, particularly during the winter period where absences due to sickness are common. Proven to kill 99.9% of known bacteria and viruses, the use of hand sanitisers should be promoted in workplaces to mitigate the spread of illnesses like the common cold and flu and reduce employee absenteeism rates.

Cleaning Surfaces Is More Important than Disinfecting Them

While disinfecting a surface may kill bacteria and common virus particles, it does not target the embedded dirt on the surface or effectively remove COVID-19 particles. This creates a problem for workplaces, as the dirt left behind will quickly attract bacteria and virus particles back to the surface, meaning the time spent disinfecting the surface was only effective in mitigating the spread of known and common viruses on a short term basis.

Conventional cleaners struggle to remove dirt because it adheres to surfaces and bonds through surface tension. They may be able to remove larger dirt particles, but smaller particles will remain embedded in the surface valleys. Even after cleaning the surface, if a carrier of COVID-19 touches it, the virus will stick to the embedded dirt and contaminate the surface.

When creating our cleaning products, we follow a unique approach to ensure that they are effective in removing all embedded dirt from hard surfaces. Our in-house manufacturing process and unique blend of cleaning chemicals helped us to create ‘Micriolysis’, the active agent in all of our cleaning products, which removes even the toughest dirt like oil and grease, reducing the likelihood of COVID particles attaching to the clean surface.

Oleonix Is Here to Help

To ensure a COVID-secure workplace and protect your employees, you must not only disinfect a surface but effectively break the surface tension and remove all of the dirt that has bonded to the surface.

The Oleonix Full Spectrum Cleaner is incredibly powerful and can be safely used on all surfaces. Due to ‘Micriolysis’, our Full Spectrum Cleaner penetrates through the dirt, eliminating the bond and releasing all the embedded dirt from surface pores ready to be wiped away. Any COVID-19 particles on the surface will release and attach to the cloth you are using, which can then be rinsed or thrown away.

Our Disinfectant Cleaner is highly effective in cleaning offices, factories, and other workplaces using just one product. Working in the same way as the Full Spectrum Cleaner, it comes equipped with 1% disinfectant built-in, which is proven to kill 99.9% of all known germs and bacteria. Using our two-in-one solution has helped companies around the UK protect their employees while cutting their cleaning times and associated costs in half. The most effective method of making a business a COVID-19 secure workplace is through the removal of the virus from all surfaces, which can be achieved using our Full Spectrum Cleaner or our Disinfectant Cleaner.


To mitigate the spread of COVID-19, cleaning your workplace must be considered as business-critical and integrated into your daily operations. While disinfecting surfaces does have its benefits, it must be coupled with effective cleaning to provide the highest level of safety to your staff. Our cleaning products are specifically designed to remove tough dirt, which helps to prevent virus particles from sticking to hard surfaces, creating a COVID-19 secure workplace while reducing cleaning frequency and costs.

If you want to cut your cleaning time and costs in half while ensuring a COVID-secure workplace, please contact us.

What Our Clients Say About Oleonix

So often you read a review and you know it’s too good to be true. My review of these two Oleonix products is honest and unbiased. Oleonix Disinfectant Cleaner: The cleaning staff have been trialling this product and are astonished that long-established marks and stains are just wiping away using this product in its diluted form. It is being used daily throughout the campus to try and eliminate as many germs and viruses as possible, giving peace of mind to our staff and students in these uncertain times.

By changing to Oleonix Disinfectant Cleaner, this will save the facility in excess of £20,000 per year.

Oleonix scrub and Wipe cloths: I trialled these at home and the results were astounding! Each cloth can be used for two very different tasks. My task for them was to clean windows. Taking the rough side to remove muddy paw prints, dead flies and bird droppings, I could then buff them using the soft side. They just made the task so easy.

Both products get 10 out of 10 from us. Oleonix and Cromwell are both extremely professional companies and just do exactly what they say they will: no gimmicks, no waffle, just honesty (that very rare commodity). Their products have saved us time, effort and money.

Katrina Fitzgerald - Health and Safety Manager

My company has been using Oleonix Marine Algae cleaner for over 3 years now and there is nothing on the market that performs like it and at the same time is friendly to the environment.We have been able to completely stop customers using Sodium Hypochlorite and other similar chemicals. Oleonix Marine Algae Cleaner is so good for the environment you do not need a permit when using it around the water course. It is brilliant on all harbour surfaces, slip ways, boats, etc.

The Oleonix Marine Algae cleaner is a variant of the Oleonix Full Spectrum cleaner which my company also sell as the performance of the Full Spectrum cleaner is nothing short of incredible on all types of surfaces.

I am using the product to grow my business as it is so effective and we know of a lot of exciting opportunities that are coming to us due to the strength and environmentally sustainability of the Oleonix Marine Algae cleaner.

Gavin Moth - Managing Director, Go Stock Ltd

Here at Helliar & son, we’re proud to use a non toxic, food safe and environmentally friendly cleaning product called Oleonix.As it contains no dangerous chemicals, it can be used to clean food environments and is also safe for use in schools, homes, nurseries, care homes, medical premises and more.We have used it on many surfaces and different types of soiling with amazing results. It penetrates and lifts out dirt safely on everything from stone and slate to wood and vinyl. We have used Oleonix products in a huge variety of environments, from kitchens to workshop hard floors, all with great success.

Years of grime and mould were effectively removed when we deep cleaned the shower and toilet block at a local school. The difference is amazing!

Oleonix is excellent at removing layers of grease and dirt, and we use Oleonix with our floor scrubbing machines for exceptional results (without affecting anti-slip characteristics).

It’s also extremely fast to use, saving time and money. We love it!

Garry Helliar - Managing Director, Helliar and Son

We have many Cromwell customers that are so impressed with this product from the way it cleans, to the efficiency it provides and the ability to reduce their chemical inventory. It’s in stock and ready to go. Sean Millar MBA team are fantastic to work with and discuss your specific requirements.

Matthew Redman - National Key Account Manager, Cromwell Tools Ltd