Why purchase Oleonix cleaning products.

If you’d like to clean your property to a clinical level in less time, we’ve got the cleaning solution for you!

At Oleonix, we’ve developed a highly effective, environmentally friendly cleaning formulation that’s so powerful it can remove even the toughest types of dirt found everywhere, from manufacturing plants to your home, we have you covered.

While conventional cleaners may be able to remove larger dirt particles from a surface, they struggle to remove smaller particles that remain embedded in the surface valleys and attract more dirt.

Due to our unique formulation, our cleaning products penetrate and lift out the embedded dirt like no other cleaning product available, removing stubborn dirt and long-lasting stains in seconds. This is because we are the only chemical manufacturer in the world that makes chemicals the way we do.

The Benefits of Our Cleaning Products.
  • Replaces multiple cleaning products
  • Removes the toughest types of dirt and stains
  • Human and pet safe
  • Reduces overall time spent cleaning
  • Surfaces stay clean for longer
  • Environmentally friendly, non-toxic solution
  • Our disinfectant kills 99.9% of all known bacteria & germs
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OLEONIX Ready-To-Use Solutions:

We sell two of our products in ready-to-use (RTU) solutions to simplify your cleaning process:

Full Spectrum Cleaner

RTU 1 Litre
delivery included
1 litre bottle of Oleonix full spectrum cleaner

The Full Spectrum Cleaner is so versatile it can replace numerous products to safely and effectively clean all types of surfaces.

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Disinfectant Cleaner

RTU 1 Litre
delivery included
1 litre bottle of Oleonix disinfectant cleaner

Designed to clean and disinfect in a one-product no-rinse application, our Disinfectant Cleaner kills 99.9% of all known germs/bacteria.

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If you’d like to learn more about our Full Spectrum Cleaner or Disinfectant Cleaner,
please look at our Products page, read the reviews below or get in touch.

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Our concentrated Solutions:

In addition to our RTU solutions, we also sell our Full Spectrum Cleaner and Disinfectant Cleaner in super concentrated forms, which are available in sizes 1/5/20/200/1000 litres.

1 Litre 5 Litres 20 Litres 20 Litres 1000 Litres

Offering more flexibility, our concentrated cleaning products can be diluted based on your cleaning requirements.
As a result, they are very cost-effective and a popular choice for commercial customers.

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Oleonix Customer Reviews

I was pleasantly surprised how my house can smell so clean without a fragranced product! I have been using Oleonix for my daily cleaning and I love how versatile it is! From cleaning my kitchen to washing down the bathrooms this product makes cleaning effortless with fantastic results. Its lovey to know I am not using harsh chemicals in my home and doing my part for the planet using a sustainable product.

from Oxsted

Oleonix has been amazing to cut through the grease that is left behind on my cooker and removing any cooking smells left behind on any other surfaces, a very simple effective product that’s easy to use. Great that it can be safely used all over the home

from Portsmouth

My company has been looking for a versatile product that will effectively deep clean our office space including the bathrooms and communal areas. Knowing that Oleonix provides a deeper clean, our team are happy to be coming back to work knowing the environment will be safe for everyone. Its wonderful not to have to spend so much on different products for different results

from Southampton

I have a busy home with children and animals running around and to be using a product I know is safe to use around them is a worry lifted not to mention making my cleaning time quicker as it seems to penetrate very well through tough build ups meaning an effortless clean required! Bonus that it can be used on upholstery & carpets too as spillages happen frequently in this house, Oleonix lifts accidents right out. Very happy customer!

from Hindhead

I run a small business renovating furniture, a friend of mine recommended Oleonix to me to remove stains from any fabrics and items that have lived a good life and need a good spruce up. I am very impressed with results so far, it is also great to use a general wipe down once projects are completed and I know my items are clean & safe for my customers to collect. Fantastic to have a versatile product that is environmentally friendly and so safe to use. I will continue purchasing!

from Surrey

The cleaning staff have been trialling this product and are astonished that long-established marks and stains are just wiping away using this product in its diluted form. The product is odourless and totally harmless to humans and animals. It is being used daily throughout the campus to try and eliminate as many germs and viruses as possible, giving peace of mind to our staff and students in these uncertain times.

Katrina Fitzgerald - TechIOSH
Health & Safety Manager