Oleonix Crisp Company Case Study

Oleonix Supports Leading Crisp Manufacturer

We worked with one of the leading crisp manufacturers in the UK, helping them to streamline their cleaning procedure and drastically reduce their cleaning times and costs. Producing around 11 million packs of flavoured crisps and non-potato-based snack foods a day, the company operates one of the largest crisp production plants in the world and several smaller sites.

Due to industry regulations, the British crisp manufacturer has a responsibility to keep its factories compliant with Food Hygiene and Safety requirements. To protect its customers, food areas and equipment must be cleaned and disinfected between different tasks, resulting in production downtime. The company was using several different cleaning products to remove the dirt that sticks to surfaces during the production process, but due to the strong bond between the dirt and the food contact areas, the company struggled to effectively clean the grease-covered surfaces in a short amount of time.

Oleonix saves crisp company £4 million a year
An internal wall with polymerised oil sticking to it. Using Oleonix, oil was coming off the surface without any wiping action.

Compliant With Food Industry Regulations

Finding the right cleaning product became even more challenging in 2014 when the European Union introduced new legislation reducing the volume of quat based disinfectant remaining on a cleaned surface that could transfer back into food that touches the cleaned surface. The old maximum residue level of 0.5mg/kg was replaced by a new level of 0.1mg/kg. As a result, the crisp manufacturer needed a no-rinse solution that was compliant with this new legislation and able to achieve the target cleanliness level in less time.

Based on the new EU legislation around quat volumes, we made adjustments to the formulation of our Disinfectant Cleaner to create a new version that meets the target residue levels of 0.1mg/kg. The crisp manufacturer worked with Campden BRI to confirm our Disinfectant Cleaner met the maximum residue level required before trialing the solution.

A Two-in-One Solution That Cuts Cleaning Times In Half

As the name suggests, the Oleonix Disinfectant Cleaner comes equipped with a quat biocide to create a multi-purpose cleaner with a hospital-grade disinfectant built in. Providing all the cleaning power needed in one solution, our Disinfectant Cleaner outperforms rival cleaning products and can replace over fifteen different chemicals commonly used in the food industry.

We know that dirt struggles to stick to spotlessly clean surfaces, which is why our unique active agent ‘micriolysis’ targets all of the dirt particles embedded in the surface valley and removes even the smallest particles that other cleaning products miss, resulting in cleaner surfaces that stay clean for longer. Using our Disinfectant Cleaner, the snack foods company can easily clean the grease-covered surfaces and has managed to cut cleaning times by up to 50% compared with previous protocols involving multiple cleaning products, resulting in less downtime and increased productivity.

Oleonix solves crisp manufacturers cleaning challenges
The ‘before’ image shows a potato cutter soaked for 24 hours in a competitor’s neat cleaning product. The ‘after’ image shows that same Potato cutter soaked for 10 minutes in Oleonix at 10:1.

Oleonix Saves Company £4Million Per Year

The crisp manufacturer now depends on our Disinfectant Cleaner to keep its production sites compliant with food regulations and reduce the amount of money spent on cleaning supplies. Our flexible cleaning solution allows the company to modify the dilution used based on how dirty a surface is, enhancing its cost-effectiveness. Switching to a single product for all its cleaning needs has allowed the company to significantly cut its chemical costs, saving each site an average of £48,000 per year and the company as a whole £4,000,000 per year in reduced cleaning time and increased productivity.

Oleonix works with crisp snack foods company
Baked on oil cleaned with our spray and wipe.

Other Key Benefits

  • Compliant with EU Maximum Residue Level
  • Reduces cleaning times and frequency
  • Able to remove grease from all food contact surfaces and factory floors
  • Replaces fifteen cleaning chemicals commonly used in the food industry
  • Cuts cleaning costs
  • Less water used
  • Human safe and approved for use in the food industry
  • Safe for cleaners – no fumes emitted or specific PPE required

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Oleonix Rail Freight Company Case Study

Solving The UK’s Largest Rail Freight Company’s Cleaning Issues

We partnered with one of the largest rail freight transport companies in the UK, to help them improve their cleaning process. Operating over 225 locomotives, the company transports large cargo across the UK rail network for commercial customers and public sector organisations.

Due to the volume of industrial dirt, the leading freight train company struggled to clean its freight trains, floors, and platforms. Coming into contact with the most challenging substances, including grease, oil, fuel, excrement, and blood, the undersides of the trains were particularly time-consuming to clean.

The rail freight and logistics provider was using a neat acid cleaning solution that didn’t successfully remove all of the dirt and left acid streaks on surfaces. They were spending too much time and money on cleaning platforms, floors, and locomotives covered in industrial dirt and wanted a cleaning product capable of reducing this burden while achieving better results.

Oleonix partners with rail freight company

This picture of one of their trains demonstrates the difference between the surface being cleaned with a neat acid and Oleonix. You can see the acid streaks left on the surface, whereas the centre has been cleaned with Oleonix’s spray and wipe.

The Power Of ‘Micriolysis’

The Oleonix Full Spectrum Cleaner can penetrate and remove all types of dirt from any surface like no other cleaning product available on the market. Simply mix it with water to activate the power of ‘micriolysis’, the active agent which we created in-house using a unique blend of cleaning chemicals to produce an unrivalled level of cleaning power.

During the creation of our cleaning solutions, we ran trials and found that the cleaner a surface is, the harder it is for additional dirt to stick to it. For this reason, we specifically designed our Full Spectrum Cleaner to go deeper than conventional cleaning products and remove even the smallest dirt particles adhered to the surface. Doing this creates an exceptionally clean surface that dirt struggles to attach to, ensuring that the surface stays clean for as long as possible.

One of the company’s trains covered in oil, grease, fuel, blood, and excrement. The centre has been cleaned with our spray and wipe.

Oleonix Removes Industrial Dirt With Ease

Our team demonstrated the power of the Full Spectrum Cleaner to the award-winning rail freight company, who were blown away by the results. It cleaned their trains, platforms, and floors with ease and was even able to remove the toughest industrial dirt from the undersides of the train carriages. During the demonstration, the company saw how poorly their old cleaning products were performing and were delighted that they could achieve better results with one superior product.

Switching to a single product for all cleaning requirements has significantly reduced cleaning times and saves each site an average of £38,000 on chemical costs. The Full Spectrum Cleaner offers the flexibility to modify the dilution based on how dirty the surface is, allowing further reductions in cleaning costs. The large rail freight company is now using our Full Spectrum Cleaner throughout the business to remove all types of industrial dirt and achieve clean surfaces that stay clean for as long as possible.

One of their floors, cleaned with Oleonix.

The Impact of Oleonix

  • We are saving each site an average of £38,000 on reduced chemical costs
  • Cleaner surfaces that stay clean for longer
  • Reduced time spent cleaning
  • Reduced cleaning frequency and increased productivity
  • One cleaning product instead of several
  • Lower cleaning costs
  • No more acid streaks running down their trains
  • Fewer chemicals in the cleaning process

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